Preserve Wedding Varmala in Resin Tray | (12x9 Inch) Rectangle Floral Tray with Holding Golden Hooks | Serving Tray for Water, Tea, Coffee, Snacks and Kitchen, Dining Table

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Preserve your Varmala for forever in Resin, Free Home Delivery

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Preserve Wedding Varmala in Exquisite Resin Tray - Multifunctional Serving Tray for Water, Tea, Coffee, Snacks & More.

Elevate your cherished memories with our Preserve Wedding Varmala in Resin Tray. This stunning (12x9 Inch) Rectangle Floral Tray, adorned with holding Golden Hooks, beautifully captures the essence of your special day. Immerse yourself in the art of Varmala Preservation, as the carefully crafted resin tray becomes a timeless showcase for your wedding flowers. Beyond its sentimental value, this versatile tray serves as a functional piece for water, tea, coffee, and snacks, enhancing both kitchen and dining table aesthetics. Embrace the magic of preserving love with this exquisite tray – a perfect blend of beauty and utility. Discover the joy of keeping your Wedding Flowers forever alive in this unique piece of art.

Product Specification

Size 12x9 Inch (Size Can Be Customized)
Material Dried Flowers, Epoxy Resin, Pearls, & LED Connection


Finish  Glossy Finish
Mounting & Placement Hooks for Holding
Mounting Hardware Hooks
Customise Styling Option  Photo Frame, With Photo, With Card, With Garland Flower, With Garland, With LED Light, Name Initials
Shape  Rectangle (Customizable Shapes: Circle, Round, Hexagon, Triangle, Cubic, Spherical, With Cutting Edges, Uneven Edges, Gear Shape, Unique Shape) ( Can Customise on WhatsApp Accordingly)
Special Benefit Ask for a Design Idea of the Product Any Time for a Free
Special Offer Ask For Bulk Orders on WhatsApp ( Special Prices)
Bulk Orders For Weddings, Flower Preservation Gifts, For Card Preservation
Complete Preservation Combo Pack Engagement Varmala, Flower in Pendant, Wedding Card, Wedding Garland, First Date Flower Preservation, Home Welcome Foot Preservation


Tips to ensure we receive your flowers in its best state

Please hang your varmala outdoors for 5-7 days, avoiding plastic, bags to prevent fungus growth.

2. Only ship the flowers when completely dry to prevent fungus growth and ensure usability.

3. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the condition of the varmala upon arrival, but following the two points above can help ensure its good condition.

4. After placing an order, watch for our email containing shipping details, flower-packing instructions, and order processing information.

6. Your order is typically delivered within 15-20 days (15-20 days from flower arrival), with advance notice of any potential delays.

All of the above steps are taken to ensure you receive your products in its best version.

Packaging & Dispatching

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the packaging process:-

  • Three-Layer Bubble Wrap: The Tray is carefully wrapped with three layers of high-quality bubble wrap. This multi-layered cushioning acts as a shock-absorbent barrier, shielding the varmala tray from impacts and vibrations.
  • Custom-Fit Carton: After the bubble wrap cocooning, the tray is placed snugly inside a custom-fit carton. This carton is designed to prevent any movement or shifting during transit, ensuring the frame stays securely in place.
  • Fragile Labeling: The package is prominently labeled as “Fragile” to alert the courier and handling personnel to exercise extra care.
  • Outer Packaging:  The outer packaging is sturdy and designed to withstand external pressures. It is crafted not only for protection but also to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the product.